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Roses come in a multitude of varieties, colours and shapes. The only colour that is not available as a natural shade is blue. One of the most popular and well known roses is the “Grand Prix”, one of the largest variants. “Naomi” and “Passion” are also on the top list of the most popular roses.

The rose Grand Prix has a really deep red colour, big flowers and long stems (from 50-100cm) that are also very strong. This rose is immensely popular at Valentine's Day, when many choose to send a single red rose. Because of its popularity and demand being so great during Valentine's Day, the price of the rose rises dramatically close to Valentines. The Grand Prix rose is grown in many places, but the ones that are usually considered finest in quality come from a few growers in Holland.

Red roses have a rather clear symbolic value for most of us. Depending on whether you are sending a single rose, three, seven, ten or more red roses they are said to mean different things. And it's not just the red roses that speak a certain language. The colour of the rose has a special meaning as well. For example, the yellow rose is usually associated with friendship, while the white stands for innocence. The significance, however, differs sometimes depending on the country and culture, so it might be good to be a little attentive when sending roses abroad. For example, three yellow roses means "You are my friend" in Sweden, while in Norway it can speak about infidelity.

A single red rose cannot go wrong ever. It is a universal language that simply and straightforward means "I love you". Therefore, it is an easy and safe choice for Valentine's Day, or at the beginning of a romance. Pink roses for their part symbolise infatuation, youth and love. An orange rose bouquet is usually quite neutral, and is of course especially suited for those who just love orange and roses.

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