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The Gerbera is the fifth most used cut flower in the world, after roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and tulips. Popular for their striking dominance in any arrangement and the many varieties, Gerberas will be sure to bring brightness and cheer to any room in the house.

Gerberas can be found in soft, almost pastel colours or bold, vibrant colours, sure to grab the attention of anyone passing by and make any arrangement stand out.

It's unanimous that Gerberas have a certain charm about them, whether they sit in a classic, traditional style arrangement with soft pinks, or a modern, contemporary arrangement of vibrant cerise pinks and oranges one must agree they look right at home.

Gerberas can symbolise many things for many people, but they are known most notably for their display of innocence, purity and most important their cheerfulness.

This all depends, however, on the colour of the Gerberas you choose, what does your favourite colour Gerbera say about you?

  • Like many flowers, a red Gerbera is an expression of love and passion, rich and deep in colour, a very striking cut flower.
  • Pink Gerberas convey admiration and gratitude, a very bold flower that makes itself unmissable in any environment.
  • Bright orange Gerberas are a display of warmth and happiness, this goes without saying when you consider the rays of sunshine a bright orange Gerbera will bring to any home.
  • Yellow signifies cheerfulness, similar to the bright orange Gerbera, it’s difficult to be down when handed a beautiful hand-tied of yellow Gerberas. Furthermore, like the roses, yellow Gerberas show friendship.
  • Like many things, flowers and more, the white Gerbera symbolises innocence, purity and cleanliness. Sure to make any bouquet stand out, sure to make any sympathy flowers let them know you are there for them

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