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Known also as ‘chrysanths’ or ‘mums’, chrysanthemums are native to Asia and northeastern Europe, with most varieties originating from East Asia, more specifically China.

Their importance in Asian culture is extensive and the chrysanthemum is the symbol of the Emperor of Japan and China a chrysanthemum festival is held each year in Tongxiang, near Hangzhou. Similar to many flowers, the name is derived from Greek, chrysos (meaning gold) and anthemon (meaning flower).

Take care to ensure your chrysanthemum are stored out of reach of children and pets as ingestion of chrysanthemum blooms can be incredibly toxic, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have culinary uses. In parts of Asia, yellow and white chrysanthemums are boiled to make a sweet drink, known simply as chrysanthemum tea. In Korea, a rice wine can be flavoured with chrysanthemums to become known as gukhwaju. In Chinese cuisine, chrysanthemum leaves are steamed or boiled and served as greens with other vegetables. Similarly they flowers are often added to snakemeat soup to make the aroma more palatable.

It’s widely accepted that flowers in the workplace are fantastic for the welfare of those in the room, and have reduced absenteeism drastically, read more about this in our post about flowers for welfare. NASA’s Clean Air Study has shown that chrysanthemum plants particularly are excellent at reducing indoor air pollution.

The chrysanthemum has secured its place in the heart of homes across the country thanks to its massive variety of shapes, styles and colours. Whether it is a classic bouquet for a sympathetic occasion, or a contemporary arrangement of bright, vibrant colours, the long lasting chrysanthemum is sure to bring joy for many weeks.

Symbolising compassion, friendship and joy, you can specify what you are hoping to send by choosing the colour of the chrysanthemum. Red shows love, white shows innocence and purity and yellow denotes commitment and loyalty. Send chrysanthemums and let someone know how you feel.

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