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Summer Flowers

Bring some sunshine into someone's life with our beautiful summer bouquets. Our summer floral arrangements are handcrafted with love and devotion by florists, ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, or 'just because'. From sunflowers to alstroemeria, peonies to roses, carnations and more, our summer flowers will surely put a smile on your recipient's face. Plus, if you order before 9 pm, next-day delivery is available across Ireland, and many bouquets come with free chocolates.



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  • Summer Flower Bouquets

    Summer is a season bursting with an array of delightful flower varieties. The traditional flower is sunflowers, but daffodils, roses, and peonies are also associated with summer, with a beautiful range of colours available for every taste.

    Sunflowers are known for their sunny and cheerful disposition. Their large, bright yellow blooms with a dark centre mimic the sun, symbolising happiness.

    Roses are timeless and versatile flowers that bloom in various colours and varieties throughout the year. Vibrant hues like red, orange, and pink are trendy, or you can go for something yellow for summery vibes.

    Peonies are cherished for their lush and romantic blooms. They are associated with prosperity, good fortune, and a happy marriage, making them a popular wedding and anniversary choice.

    Carnations are beloved for their longevity and wide colour range. They are popular for congratulations floral arrangements due to their vibrance.

    Alstroemeria is a stunning flower with unique markings and delicate petals. They come in various bright colours, often with a combination of shades and streaks, creating a captivating floral display perfect for any room in the house.

  • Choosing The Perfect Summer Flowers

    If you buy summer flowers for your home, look for blooms that match your décor and complement your garden and local landscape.

    Embrace the essence of summer by selecting flowers that bloom during this time. Sunflowers, daffodils, roses, peonies, carnations, alstroemeria, and chrysanthemums are all great options that evoke the season's spirit.

    Summer is a season of vibrant colours. Choose blooms like yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds in bold and lively shades. Consider mixing different flower varieties to create a visually appealing and diverse bouquet.

    Some summer flowers, like roses and peonies, have a delightful scent. If fragrance is important to you, select blooms that add a pleasant aroma to the bouquet.

    When buying flowers for someone else, consider the recipient's preferences. If you know their favourite flower or colour, incorporating those elements will make the bouquet unique.

    Consider the size and shape of the bouquet you want to gift. Different flowers have varying stem lengths and sizes, so choose accordingly to ensure a balanced and well-proportioned arrangement that your recipient will adore.

    Remember, the perfect summer bouquet brings joy, warmth, and a sense of celebration to both the giver and the recipient.

    All our summer flowers are offered with next-day delivery across Ireland if you order before 9 pm, so no matter where you are, you're never too far from a beautiful bouquet!