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Send roses! Why? Because they are so beautifully versatile they are quite simply the perfect flower to send whatever the event, season or reason may be.

When you choose to send roses to someone you do so pretty sure in the knowledge that they will be well received, greatly appreciated and undoubtedly admired, remembered and talked about for quite some time.

A Symbol of Love

In Victorian times Roses were seen as symbols of love and unspoken feelings. They are synonymous with passion and romance and as such, are even today, the must-have flower bouquet for Valentine’s Day. Of course their universal appeal makes them a perfect choice for Mother’s Day too. With many possessing a gentle aroma their delicate fragrance can fill the air, making them even more delightful to the beholder.

Rose Colour Meanings

Red roses have a rather clear symbolic value for most of us. Whether you are sending a single rose, three, six or twelve, they can mean very different things; and it's not just red roses that speak a certain language, each rose colour has a special meaning as well.

Here are a few examples:

  • White: pure love
  • Pink: true love, appreciation, admiration, friendship
  • Orange: fascination
  • Lavender: enchantment
  • Yellow: friendship

How many red roses should I send?

  • 1 red rose: Love at first sight
  • 3 red roses: I love you
  • 9 Roses eternal love, we will be together all life
  • 12 red roses: by my sweetheart