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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When your delivery arrives the lucky recipient will receive the flowers, any additional items purchased (such as chocolates or teddy bears) and the card message* We ensure that no documents are delivered with the gift as this may detract from the intended sentiment. As such, when writing your card message, please be aware that if no name is included, the recipient will not know who the flowers are from and the delivery will be completely anonymous.
This may be your intention for a romantic occasion such as Valentine's Day. If the recipient contacts us to find out who sent the flowers, we will not release any information without your permission and will contact you to confirm if it would be acceptable to yourself to provide such details. This is due to the Data Protection Act of 1998.

If the address to which you would like to send flowers is in the Republic of Ireland and you have a local Irish telephone number you can place your order from anywhere in the world.
All of the prices on our website are in Euros and the conversion will be done at the rate specified by your card provider.

Should the person you are sending flowers to not be at home at the time of delivery, there are three options on how to proceed. If the flowers are delivered by courier, they will be returned to the nearest depot. A calling card may be left advising the recipient to contact the courier to organise a re-delivery or a collection. Our florist delivered bouquets follow a similar procedure, however, if a telephone number has been provided our florist can contact the recipient to see if they are nearby or available to take the delivery. They can also leave a message to organise a delivery at a time that suits them or to advise them of the location of the flowers, whether they have been left in a safe place or if they have been returned to the shop.

Delivery is included in the cost of the bouquet, however, we do charge a service fee. This covers our handling of your order and may vary based on the date of delivery (such as Valentine's and Mother’s Day.) For the most up to date service fees please visit the products page.

The way in which our flowers are presented upon delivery will depend on the arrangement chosen. We offer many different types of arrangements, for example our traditional flat bouquets, such as the Parasol, Silver Lining or Celebration, arrive in a flat design, out of water, so they will need to be cut and placed in water upon delivery. There are also aquapack arrangements, such as the New Princess or WOW bouquet. These arrive as a hand tied bouquet of flowers wrapped in cellophane with a bubble of water to keep the stems fresh. These bouquets are arranged ready for display, simply unwrap, trim the stems and place in a vase of clean water. Also container arrangements, here the flowers will be arranged in oasis, meaning the flowers will only require occasional watering. For our courier arrangements, a vase can be ordered as an optional extra if you wish for it to be included. For our courier delivered bouquets, the bouquet will be tied in the box for protection. If paid for, a vase will be included, this will be a plastic vase and flowers will not necessarily be in the vase or including water.

We understand you will be keen to know when the recipient will be receiving the flowers you've kindly bought for them. Due to the majority of our flowers being delivered by our professional local florists, we don't offer a live tracking service but our Customer Service team is on hand to help.
If you have ordered one of our courier delivered items you will receive an email on the morning of delivery to track your order.
We advise that our deliveries take place between 09:00 and 21:00, there may be slight delays sometimes due to traffic and such. Every effort will be made to ensure that deliveries to workplaces and offices are completed during work hours, but please advise us if the recipient is likely to leave earlier so that we can ensure the flowers are received.

When you place your order online, the website will confirm that your order has been placed and will display an overview of the details provided. Shortly after this, you will receive an automated email confirmation from eFlorist with the reference number to keep for your records.
If your order is placed by telephone, the advisor you speak to will provide an order ID and can email the confirmation to you if you desire.

A local telephone number is required with all orders to ensure delivery can be made on the correct date. Our delivery driver may contact the recipient to ensure they are at the property before delivery or directions to the address. If there is no local telephone or eirecode there is a possibility your order may be delayed until contact has been made with the recipient.

We ask for a minimum of 24hours notice to make any changes. If you are requesting any changes on the date of delivery or the date before, we will make every effort though we can't guarantee this.

Over peak periods (Valentines day, Mother's Day and Christmas), we work super-fast to arrange and despatch orders for delivery. Please note that this means we will not always be able to cancel or make amendments to orders. Please, can you double check your order prior to payment to avoid any mistakes and subsequent disappointment this may cause.

We do not offer deliveries to Northern Ireland, only the Republic of Ireland. If you would like to place an order for Northern Ireland please use our UK site eflorist.co.uk.

You can select delivery dates online when choosing your flowers. We agree to use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that delivery will be on the requested delivery date for florist and courier delivered products.

On top of the cost of the flowers, there is a service fee. This covers our handling of your order and may vary based on the date of delivery (such as Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.) For the most up to date service fees please visit the products page.